Our Tech

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We create the most advanced technology on the planet to give plants the best possible start to life

  • Propagation


    Monitor climate, light, water, nutrients, and plant health

    Heat map:

    Quickly diagnose and remediate problems


    Utilize automated 24/7 scouting with computer vision

  • Labor


    Optimize labor deployment to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs


    Easily determine quality and completeness of crop work

  • Waste

    Value stream map:

    Leverage a digital farm to manage workflow, inventory, and logistics


    Implement a user-friendly solution your entire organization can use


    Better understand inputs, outputs, and farm processes

  • Pests

    Increase Viability:

    Help healthy plants resist pests and diseases

    AI Predicting:

    Determine likelihood of pest and pathogens before they’re visible

We're solving for every side of ag.

  • Profitable

    “Clean Propagation” flagship product eliminates waste and boosts farm profitability — starting from the seed.

  • Predictable

    “Clean Prop” reduces the chance of catastrophic outbreaks, making farming more predictable and robust.

  • Equitable

    “Crop Journey” dramatically boosts worker productivity, making agriculture equitable for farm owners, laborers, and consumers.